A word from the President & CEO 


These last 3 months have been very active, with participations in major trade events in Houston, San Antonio, Haugesund, Paris and Beijing, a very fruitful WITSML Drilling & Completions SIG meeting and ETP ILAB, the welcoming of three new board members replacing exiting incumbents, and a number of contacts with other standards organizations in the industry.


We are pleased to announce 3 new members: Red Hat, Tecplot and TDE, more about their organizations below. We are looking forward to a busy end to the year: read on to find out how we are working at making our industry-developed standards even more effective at improving your company's bottom line.


As this is the last Community Headlines for 2017, I would also like to extend on behalf of the team our best wishes for the upcoming Holiday Season to all our readers and contributors.



Ross Philo



Well Automation and IoT

Houston, November 14-15, Jana Schey and Jay Hollingsworth will attend this event.


World Oil & Gas Week

London, December 4-5

Ross Philo will be attending the World Oil & Gas Council meeting.


OilComm 2017

Houston, December 6-7

Jay Hollingsworth and Jana Schey will attend the OilComm event to discuss the impact of ETP bandwidth optimization.


IADC Drilling Automation

Houston, January 17-18 '18

Members of the Energistics team will be attending the workshop. You can arrange a meeting using info@energistics.org.




Houston, December 12-13

Registration is open

Hurry, the early bird pricing extended to November 15th!




The recently-released NDR Data Quality Guidelines v1 are accessible on the DOWNLOAD STANDARDS page of our website.






Our new advert was premiered in the October edition of GeoExpro, p 67

WITSML SIG Meeting October 2017


Over 50 participants representing 17 companies came together over 3 days to work on technical issues and discuss how the standards and Energistics can best support and assist the industry. 


The Technical Team ratified ETP Implementation Specifications for WITSML v2.0 and WITSML v1.4.1, which are now published on the Energistics website. In addition, work has begun for ETP v1.2 to add query functionality based on oData and refine existing protocols for stability. The team also had an initial discussion about how to leverage the Wireline Formation Test Run (wftRun) object from PRODML. Certification and compliance was another hot topic on two fronts – technical work to develop certification of ETP with WITSML and how to help companies assess claims of standards compliance. Watch for more on these topics in 2018.


Meanwhile, the Business Team is looking to the future and thinking about how the standards can help companies meet their business objectives in a technology environment that involves Data Lakes in the Cloud. And now that Energistics v2 standards are on a common technical foundation that includes the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP), attention is turning to how the standards may be combined and leveraged to support cross-operational workflows and analytics. To this end, Energistics will pilot Communities of Practice focused on data assurance and analytics in coming months. Participation in these CoPs is a benefit of membership, so consider joining Energistics in 2018 if your company isn’t already on board.


An ETP ILAB was held the same week, companies that participated included: Baker Hughes/GE, Geologix, INT, Kongsberg, PDS, Petrolink, and Scientific Drilling.

Paper: "Energistics Standards Improve Trust in Data"          


Our chief technology officer Jay Hollingsworth presented this paper in May 2018 at the 21st annual PNEC International Conference and Exhibition on Petroleum Data Integration, Information, and Data Management.

What companies really need is data they can trust, as early in their processes as possible, to make decisions that improve operational efficiency, increase worker safety, and lower costs.


Jay explains how the second-generation of our domain standards (WITSML, PRODML and RESQML) now supports data assurance policies and rules that describe the fitness for purpose of any data being transferred. Companies can include information such as sensor data precision, calibration, and many other parameters. This schema enhancement makes it possible to transfer this information between applications that validate data according to an organization’s data assurance policies and rules.


Ultimately, this capability helps organizations address data assurance requirements and consequently increases users’ trust in their data. It means that G&G and engineering professionals no longer have to spend extra hours, days, or weeks validating the trustworthiness of data they receive.


Examples in the paper focus on well-related data in WITSML v2.0, but the capabilities are available to all of our domain standards as part of the Energistics Common Technical Architecture, a shared technical foundation.


New Board Members


We are glad to welcome three outstanding industry leaders to our board, replacing colleagues of theirs who have moved on to other responsibilities:

·    Bettina Bachmann, VP for Subsurface & Wells Software, Shell

·    Gavin Rennick, President, Software Integrated Solutions (SIS), Schlumberger

·    Tommy Inglesby, Managing Director Upstream and OFES, Accenture



We thank Matthias Hartung (formerly Shell), Vasu Guruswamy (formerly Schlumberger) and Tommy Husvaeg (formerly Accenture) for their strong contributions to the Energistics Board of Directors during their respective tenures.


Standards in the News


·    A blog by member company HashMap explains a new WITSML objects library SDK developed by their team to facilitate WITSML feeds into IoT environments.

·    An article by CDA's Dan Brown "Looking back on a successful NDR 2017 conference" is posted here.



New members

Energistics is glad to welcome these new members to the consortium:


Red Hat

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. www.redhat.com



Tecplot specializes in visual data analysis software that boosts productivity, integrates into engineering workflows and cuts time in understanding computational fluid dynamic (CFD), simulation and experimental results. www.tecplot.com



TDE Thonhauser Data Engineering GmbH's objective is to provide integrated drilling data management and analysis solutions focusing on the utilization on rig measurement data to provide an objective measure of drilling performance.  www.pronova-tde.com



CTO Jay Hollingsworth at the CNIS conference on standardization held in Beijing October 18 and 19, with Prof. Hong Yan of CNIS, our Asia Pacific region lead Steve Li Haifeng (Schlumberger) and a conference attendee.



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