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The conference focuses on how digital technology is enabling the oil & gas industry to completely change the way we work, how it impacts our daily jobs and the possibilities that comes with it. We will get concrete examples on how companies are embracing the possibilities within this emerging domain and how they are changing their work-flows and approach to the entire value chain from a subsurface perspective.

The forerunners in the industry will present what they have done and how far they have come in the digital transformation process. It will be an arena for inspiration and learning from the innovators and an opportunity to learn how digitalisation will enable the oil & gas industry to take advantage of the enormous amount of data we have available in order to make better decisions throughout the entire value chain.

Energistics participation

David Wallis, Energistics' UK-based Senior Advisor, will deliver a paper on day 1: A use-case of a cross-vendor reservoir model enrichment workflow made simpler and more reliable with industry-developed data transfer standards.