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The Product Catalog contains commercial software products developed by vendors that used the Energistics standards in the development of their products.

  • WITSML™ is used in many commercial solutions, the product catalog highlights a selection of such solutions.
    • The complete list of Certified applications is available for WITSML v1.3.1 here and WITSML v1.4.1.1 here .
    • Certification is not available at this point in time for WITSML clients, WITSML v2.0 or ETP.
  • RESQML is the only industry data exchange standard that captures an entire subsurface project dataset.
    • This includes the data, the data relationships, the geodetic reference system, units of measurement and all other aspects of the dataset such that after transmittal the data can be used without guesswork or duplications.
    • There is currently no certification process for RESQML.
  • PRODML is the industry standard to transmit and exchange hydrocarbon production data and associated information.
    • PRODML includes produced volumes, production infrastructure description, reporting, time-indexed (historian) data streams related to producing assets, fiber optic monitoring systems (DTS, DAS), fluid, gas and water descriptions, analysis and results (e.g. PVT) and flow test results.
  • ETP is a duplex data query and data transmittal standard tailored to oil & gas upstream real-time and application interoperability.
    • ETP defines the messages needed to discover a third party system prior to establishing a connection, perform data selections and transfers and establish subscription and notification mechanisms.