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The Energistics Consortium, an affiliate of The Open Group®, has published the Energistics JSON Style Guide. The purpose of the style guide is to document the conventions that must be used in any JSON schemas published by the Consortium. To download the style guide, click here.

The Consortium plans to soon publish JSON schemas for its industry-defined data transfer standards: WITSML™ v2.1, PRODML™ v2.2, and RESQML™ v2.2 and v2.0.1. Version 1.0.1 of the Energistics Unit of Measure Standard includes JSON schemas. The JSON schemas are in addition to the XML™  schemas that Energistics has published since the early 2000s.

Adding JSON schemas is another significant step to better align Energistics data transfer standards with the OSDU® Data Platform, which uses JSON for data encoding. JSON schemas also ensure that these essential standards keep pace with the latest software trends and the needs of the industry.

JSON and XML are both standard, open file formats that are both human- and machine-readable, can be used with any programming language, and were developed so that data from disparate systems could be easily exchanged, for example with Web services. JSON is the newer of the two formats and is lighter weight, less verbose, and thus more efficient, thereby addressing some of the challenges of XML. 

JSON initially lacked a schema format but now has one. The Energistics schemas use JSON Schema Draft-07, which despite its “draft” status is stable and the most widely used. (For the release notes to Draft-07, click here.) However, to accurately, consistently represent specific constructs unique to the Energistics XML schemas, the members needed to specify new conventions (that is, these conventions are not standard to JSON). The conventions are used in the JSON schemas published by Energistics and are listed and explained in the Energistics JSON Style Guide. 

For more information about the JSON Style Guide and JSON schemas, reach out on the Energistics Architecture-Common Slack channel, or send an email to

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