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Energistics Board Elects A New Board Chair

Houston, November 20, 2019: Energistics Consortium Inc. is pleased to announce the election of Mr. Paul Zeppenfeldt to the role of chair of the Energistics board of directors.

Mr. Zeppenfeldt joined the board in 2019. He leads Shell’s Subsurface Technology organization which delivers the competitive technology edge for Shell in all areas of geoscience applications plus subsurface data integration including digitalization through a global organization of some 400 staff. Mr. Zeppenfeldt has thorough knowledge of current software integration and technical data management challenges.

This election follows the resignation of the previous board chair, Elinor Doubell, who is moving into new areas of activity in the BP organization. The board expressed their deep gratitude for her many years of active participation in the board since 2014, and her leadership as board chair since March 2019.

Mr. Peter Nielsen, Chief Geologist at Equinor, also announced that he would not be standing for re-election at the end of his current term in 2019. He is the longest-standing member of the board. He started as an active participant in the WITSML SIG before his nomination to the board in 2007. His long experience in the support and promotion of data exchange standards and his deep industry insights will be greatly missed.

Mr. Eric Toogood, DISKOS Manager at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, will also be stepping down after serving on the board since 2012. He contributed important insights into the application of data standards to regulatory activities.

The replacements for these directors will be announced in due course.

“We welcome the election of Paul Zeppenfeldt as chair of the Energistics board,” said Ross Philo, president and CEO of Energistics, “his experience in the development and deployment of modern subsurface data systems will help drive the Energistics board’s decisions in the industry’s fast-paced digital transformation. We also take this opportunity to thank Elinor, Peter and Eric for their outstanding contributions to the Energistics board and their strategic guidance of the organization during their tenures”

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