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Houston, March 26, 2019: Energistics Consortium Inc. is pleased to announce the election of a new chair to its board, and the appointment of two new directors, replacing directors who have transitioned to new roles in their respective companies.

Ms. Elinor Doubell, previously vice-chair of the board, has been unanimously approved to succeed Mr. Ben Williams as chair of the Energistics board of directors.

Mr. Paul Zeppenfeldt and Mr. Yves-André Valot have been appointed to the Energistics board of directors.

Mr. Paul Zeppenfeldt leads Shell’s Subsurface Technology organization which delivers the competitive technology edge for Shell in all areas of geoscience applications plus subsurface data integration including digitalization through a global organization of some 400 staff. Mr. Zeppenfeldt has thorough knowledge of current software integration and technical data management challenges.

Mr. Yves-André Valot is CIO for Total Exploration & Production, based in Paris. He brings a broad experience acquired through a number of IT and E&P positions in Total in both the upstream and downstream sections of the company, in Europe and Africa.

The board meetings are held at regular intervals alternately in Europe and in the USA, and provide the executives of the Energistics Consortium with strategic guidance for the development, industry awareness and adoption of business-critical standard data exchange formats and protocols.

“We congratulate Elinor Doubell on her election and take this opportunity to also welcome the new directors to the Energistics board,” said Ross Philo, president and CEO of Energistics, “As digital transformation accelerates across the industry at large, the expertise of our board and their dedication to improving efficiencies through standardization will help guide the Energistics Consortium.”

The biographies of the newly-appointed directors as well as those of the other board members can be found at