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Energistics Consortium Up And Running Under The Open Group

Effective Jan 1, 2022, the Energistics® Consortium is an affiliate of The Open Group® (, the broad-based standards organization that includes the OSDU™ Forum (

In 2021, with the increased synergies between Energistics and OSDU and the many challenges facing the upstream industry, the decision was made to bring Energistics under the guidance of The Open Group as well.

While the Consortium remains a separate legal entity, the Energistics standards work groups (formerly called special interest groups or SIGs) and development processes now run similarly to the OSDU Forum. For example: The development effort is planned, led, and implemented by Consortium members and facilitated by The Open Group staff, and members use The Open Group’s IT infrastructure.

The main work groups for Energistics’ flagship standards—WITSML™, RESQML™ and PRODML™—have been formed and have begun to meet. The initial activities for each work group are focused on final publication of the release candidates that were published for public review in December 2021. That public review period has now ended.

Participation in the Energistics Consortium activities is open to those employees of organizations that are members of The Open Group OSDU™ Forum and Energistics Consortium. Membership in the Energistics Consortium is now an optional benefit of membership in The Open Group OSDU Forum at no extra charge, upon acceptance of the terms and execution of the approved The Open Group/OSDU Forum Energistics Membership Terms Rider. (The Rider restates and slightly updates previous Energistics Membership Terms and Conditions to be consistent with the new bylaws.)

If your company is already a member of The OSDU Forum, to obtain a copy of the Energistics Membership Terms Rider, email us at

If your company needs to discuss OSDU Forum membership first, please complete the form at this website, and we’ll provide you with everything you need in order to join: