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Energistics Publishes Final Release Candidate For Energistics Transfer Protocol V1.2

Houston, November 19, 2020: Energistics Consortium Inc. announced today the publication of the second and final release candidate (RC2) for the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP) version 1.2 for public review and the submission of comments.

ETP v1.2 adds new and significantly improved capabilities for real-time data streaming and provides a comprehensive set of messages to fully support the reliable, two-way flow of data between applications for the complex workflows unique to upstream oil and gas development and operations. RC2 includes changes and new functionality to address feedback from the first release candidate, and to support workflows for eventual consistency between data stores.

The publication of RC2 starts a three-month review period ending February 15, 2021, during which anyone interested can download the release candidate schemas and specification to perform tests and comment on the standard before its formal release to the industry at large.

Petrotechnical Data Systems ( has confirmed that they will make available a new version of the .NET Development Kit for ETP that is compatible with ETP v1.2 by November 30, 2020, which will make it easier and more efficient to implement and validate ETP v1.2 support in .NET applications. A technical walkthrough for developers will be scheduled for December 17, 2020.

“ETP v1.2 is the result of months of hard work within the Special Interest Group responsible for the Energistics shared technology,” said Ross Philo, president and CEO of Energistics, “experts from member companies have collaborated to deliver a standard protocol that truly addresses the complex needs of multi-application, multi-disciplinary workflows common to modern E&P activities.”

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