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Unit of Measure Standard -  v1.0



Version 1.0 of the Energistics Unit of Measure Dictionary is intended to cover the needs of the oil & gas industry and as such is not an exhaustive list of all units of measure in existence.  There are many units used in the medical, culinary, agricultural and other fields which are not relevant and so are not included.
The units in the standard are intended to be those used by the industry or which reasonably would be expected to be encountered.
The units are also oriented towards use in software.  The Energistics Unit of Meaure work group generated the unit names, symbols, derived units and conversion factors with an eye towards implementability in software and databases, not so much for other uses like writing academic papers.  There are other resources – like NIST 811:2008 – to aid in preparing manuscripts.


Download the Unit of Measure Dictionary including Usage Guide and Resources listed below. (ZIP)
June 2014



Energistics Unit of Measure Usage Guide (PDF)



The zip file includes:
Energistics Unit of Measure Dictionary
XML file that is the normative dictionary that developers will implement.
Also, an "information-only" spreadsheet version of the normative XML file is provided for as an easier-to-read resource for people.
NOTE: If any discrepancies exist between the XML and the spreadsheet, the XML is the normative source.
Energistics Unit Symbol Grammar Specification
Defines the Energistics unit symbol grammar, which uses an administered dictionary and algebraic operations to specify, combine, and constrain the unit components from the dictionary to produce unit symbols that represent desired units of measure. Conforms to the intent of RP66 V2.0.
Energistics Unit of Measure Usage Guide
Intended for IT professionals, provides usage requirements and guidelines for implementing and maintaining a units of measure dictionary patterned after the Energistics Unit of Measure Dictionary.
A text file that explains contents of other supporting files and information contained in the UOM Standard download.
Integer Codes
In association with this standard, a set of integer codes has been defined for use in special cases where only binary values can be used.  The Society of Exploration Geophysicists uses these codes as part of its new SEGD Rev3.0 format.
Mapping Documents
To aid users and adopters, mappings for POSC v2.2, EPSG v8.1, Open Spirit Unit Dictionary v3.0 and RP66 v1 and v2 are included with this standard.


Energistics wishes to thank its member community, the Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association, and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) for their contributions to this standard.