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The Open Group To Host Launch Of OSDU™ Data Platform Mercury Release

On March 24th 2021 The Open Group will host a pair of launch events for the first commercial version of the open source OSDU™ Data Platform, code-named Mercury. This version is the result of a truly cross-industry collaborative effort involving contributions from among the almost 200 member organizations that have joined The Open Group OSDU™ Forum since its inception.  Mercury builds on previous developer releases of the platform that were made available during 2020.

The events, one at 9 am CET for Europe, Africa, CIS, ME and APAC and the other at 8 am CDT for North and South America, will showcase a number of live demonstrations of OSDU-aligned applications that take advantage of this new open-source industry data platform, which will be available from leading cloud service providers after the launch.

A fundamental principle of the OSDU Data Platform is to leverage existing industry standards as much as possible.  Energistics, the first non-operator member invited to joint the OSDU forum in 2018, has been an active contributor to the Mercury release, providing notably some key data loading utilities based on the Energistics industry standards, plus contribution to the data schema designs, as well as documentation and other foundational standards such as Units of Measure and Practical Well Log Standard (PWLS).

“Energistics has been a strong contributor to the OSDU Forum over the past 2 years; our standards are built into the data loading and data definitions of the platform in its present and future form, and our mature data transfer protocol ETP is under consideration as part of the future architecture too.” said Ross Philo, CEO of Energistics, “our 30 years of accrued expertise in developing data standards have been a major accelerator to the development of the OSDU Data Platform.”

We encourage all Energistics members to register for the Mercury launch here and to visit to learn more about the capabilities of the OSDU Data Platform.

Energistics involvement in the OSDU Forum is summarized here