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Jay Hollingsworth will be speaking

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Presented by:  Peter Wang, Geophysical Technical Advisor; Jay Hollingsworth, CTO Energistics
Featured Domain:  Data Management and Interoperability
Featured Product:  Paradigm® 17



In June 2015, Paradigm® released a revolutionary new plug-in to Petrel*, which exchanges Petrel data to and from an open, non-proprietary, industry-standard file format from Energistics** called RESQML. This capability allows organizations to exchange data between Petrel and any other software which uses the open RESQML standard, such as Paradigm’s Epos® data repository, the SKUA-GOCAD™ integrated modeling and interpretation product suite, or they may use RESQML as a vendor-neutral data archive format.

Energistics-(1).pngParadigm has recently released the next generation of Petrel data exchange tools in the Paradigm® 17 release.  These tools are not file based, but real-time, based on the Energistics® Transfer Protocol (ETP). Using ETP, users can securely broadcast data live between Petrel and Epos®, Paradigm’s database solution. An overview of the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP) was presented during this webinar, followed by a live demonstration.

In addition to the ETP discussion, Paradigm 17 updates to RESQML file-based data exchange was discussed, including CRS support and 3D grid enhancements, and updates on supported Petrel versions. The non-Energistics Petrel-to-Geolog® data exchange capability was also be reviewed.