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RESCUE was a joint industry project managed by Energistics. The acronym 'RESCUE' stands for REServoir Characterization Using Epicentre.  As of January 2009, the RESCUE consortium ceased new development activities with the inception of RESQML, intended to enable data exchange for earth and reservoir models using XML.

At its inception the purpose of RESCUE was to provide a forum for the development of an open standard for the transfer of data from geomodels to upscalers, specifically through the use of the Epicenter data model. As the project moved forward, and a data standard for the transfer emerged, it became apparent that testing of the standard could best be achieved through the use of binary flat files. To ensure a common implementation it was evident that a set of Class Libraries to read and write these files was required. These Libraries were developed under contract to the RESCUE project, and are the vehicle of choice for implementing an API to the RESCUE standard.

Tests conducted in 1998 demonstrated that attempting to read and write all data to Epicentre at the level of primitive entities was several orders of magnitude too slow. Accordingly the RESCUE membership decided to release commercial products using the flat file exchange mechanism, which is built around domain specific business objects. 

overview of rescue standard

These files may also be downloaded as a compressed tar file.

class libraries

Current commercial version of RESCUE Class Libraries:

Previous commercial versions:

 NOTE: Although RESCUE class libraries are no longer under active development, issues should be brought to the attention of Energistics for work group consideration.