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SLB will host a hands-on, interactive testing session at its facility for any company interested in technical testing related to Energistics standards.
Previously, this type of event was referred to as an “ILAB”.
Activities will include:

  • Interoperability testing of your latest and greatest implementations of the Energistics data standards and ETP transfer protocols with other attendees. 
  • Review of the implementation, development, and use of the ETP v1.2 and ML 2.x certification testing tool currently being developed.

NOTE: This event has no “formal program”; it’s an opportunity for software developers and other technical people who may have attended The Open Group Summit earlier in the week to connect with like-minded people and collaborate to test, troubleshoot, and advance adoption.
The event will also be offered over Teams.  
Friday, November, 2023
08:30AM  – 12:30PM  Houston (UTC +05:00)
SLB  - 1430 Enclave Pkwy, Houston, TX  77077, United States
In Person + Over Teams
Email one of our SLB Hosts:
Nigel Deeks or Sameer Bisht
Indicate if you will be attending in person or on Teams.