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Underscores commitment to drive efficiency and collaboration in the Mexican E&P industry through standards-based data exchanges

HOUSTON and MEXICO CITY, March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Energistics Consortium Inc announced today a new member: the Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos (CNH). The CNH is the government agency established in 2009 to regulate upstream exploration and extraction activities. CNH manages the National Data Repository, which contains information from seismic, gravimetric and magnetometric studies, obtained through exploration and production activities. In addition, it keeps well cores, drill cuttings and oil samples, necessary for the country´s historical and prospective hydrocarbon knowledge. Since the 2014 energy reform, CNH is also the organism conducting public tenders and contracts for E&P.

The CNH manages data from over 35,000 wells drilled since the late 1800s in Mexico, as well as seismic and other data totalling over 11 petabytes. Hundreds of new wells are being drilled every year, and data rooms and data packages are instrumental to the activity of the 70+ E&P companies that are now operating in the country. Standards developed by the industry for the full life cycle of hydrocarbon assets are a cornerstone of the management of CNH activity, and the data transfer standards provided by Energistics are particularly important in ensuring a comprehensive and efficient collection and distribution of data.

"CNH joins our expanding group of 110 members that supports the mission of Energistics to develop and drive the adoption of the data transfer standards that are critical to the digital transformation of the upstream industry." said Ross Philo, President and CEO of Energistics, "The rapid development of the energy industry in Mexico will greatly benefit from the adoption of formats that are already widely supported by operator, technology and service companies."

"For CNH this is a great opportunity to adopt industry standards. We believe this is the best way to receive, manage and use the data that we are collecting from the oil and gas industry" said Oscar Roldán, Head of the National Data Repository.