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Two day class on getting started with WITSML. Learn how to take advantage of available features and functionality.


Additional Information

WITSML FUNDAMENTALS   Audience: Primarily developers responsible for implementation. Enterprise Architects would also benefit.   COUSRE OUTLINE Day 1
  • Standards 101 - architecture, development process/schedule, certification
  • Energistics Common Technical Architecture - technical foundation for all Energistics standards
  • Transfer Standards Technology
  • WITSML v1.4.1 Overview - usage patterns, architecture, data objects
Day 2
  • WITSML v1.4.1 API - overview, methods, query-by-example (includes demonstration)
  • Energistics Transfer Protocol
  • WITSML v2.0 - overview of upcoming release
  • Understand underlying technologies for Energistics standards, particularly WITSML
  • Understand the scope of WITSML features and functionality related to the data objects
  • Understand concepts and functionality of the WITSML v1.4.1.1 API - used to store data in a WITSML server and query-by-example method used to retrieve data
  • Learn about new developments for WITSML and the Energistics Transfer Protocol
If you have any questions about the course, please contact Energistics at