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  • Jira tickets
  • ETP v1.2 and RESQML testing (dedicated day but in background)


  • OSDU Reservoir Update (overall design and architecture, role of ETP, etc.) - 30 mins
  • Data definitions requirements (Alice Chanvin)
  • Status : Reservoir DDMS (Marcus Apel)
  • Outline needed for session

WEDNESDAY (9:00-12:00 to allow participation at OSDU Reservoir DDMS)

  • Simulation Data Deck work session


  • FESAPI update - 1 hour (Philippe)
  • Demonstration of web studio with ETP 1.2 with FESAPI server - 1 hour (Jean Francois)
  • Demonstration of python library supporting RESQML and potential for Open Source - 1 hour (Nathan Lane)
  • New Product Directory for Energistics Website (Phil Neri)


  • R2.2 planning - goal: agree scope, work plan and schedule
  • 2021 planning

If your company is not a member of the Energistics Consortium, and wish to attend, please contact us at