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Digital Transformation

Standards Are The Cornerstone Of Digital Transformation

Here are the 3 ways that Energistics standards support digital transformation.

1. Adopt standards

Data exchange standards make it easy to share critical data seamlessly and without friction, whether from the field to a central facility, from operator to partners and agencies, among service companies or even to future-proof data for re-use years from now.  By adopting these industry-sponsored standards, companies will gain operational and economic benefits.

2. Advance your digital agenda

When data can flow with ease throughout your organization and your operations, the changes that must take place to transition into a true digital workplace become that much easier.  Your company and your partners will experience a significant impact through efficiencies and cost savings as your digital agenda advances towards its goals.

3. Accelerate Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the key to future benefits, empowered by a collaborative and real-time flow of data backed by data assurance tools that create confidence in data-driven decisions.  New ways of delivering value become possible, shortening project durations while increasing safety.  Automation and artificial intelligence systems will further redefine how business is done.

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