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Energistics will be attending and presenting papers at numerous conferences and industry events in 2019, informing attendees about the role of data exchange standards and protocols in the digital transformation of the E&P industry. Here is the agenda for the first quarter of 2019


  • Dennis O’Neill will attend the Emerging Computing Technologies in Oil & Gas 2019 event in Houston January 29-30, presenting “Data transfer standards – how to gain efficiencies from big data in the oilfield”
  • David Wallis will be Oslo for the #DigEx 2019 – The Digital Subsurface conference January 30-31, his paper is: “A use-case of a cross-vendor reservoir model enrichment workflow made simpler and more reliable with industry-developed data transfer standards”
  • Ross Philo will be at the Asia Pacific Energy Assembly in Singapore January 30-31.
  • Philip Neri will be taking part in the panel “Making More out of Data” at the IoT in Oil & Gas (Canada) meeting in Calgary February 13-14
  • Ross Philo is traveling to Dubai to present at the SEG/SPE Advanced Geophysical Applications in Drilling and Well Placement Optimization to present: “Seamless Data Integration Enables Advanced Real-Time Geosteering for Well Placement Optimization”
  • Ross Philo will take part in the EAGE Workshop on Big Data and Machine Learning for E&P Efficiency in Kuala Lumpur February 25-27, with a paper “Establishing and Conveying Trustworthiness of Data to Drive Better Data Analytics” and a keynote address “Success Factors for Industry 4.0 Concepts in Oil & Gas Digital Transformation”
  • Jay Hollingsworth will be at the PPDM Petroleum Data Management Workshop in Dallas March 5, presenting “Sharing Data Trustworthiness Across Applications & Life-of-Field Time Spans“
  • Ross Philo will attend the SPE D-SATS/IADC ART Symposium in the Hague March 4, with a presentation table to interact with participants.
  • Ross Philo and Dave Wallis will attend the SPE/IADC Drilling Conference & Exhibition in The Hague March 5-7 and Ross Philo will present a poster during event titled “Relocate Monitoring Tasks Ashore with Advanced Data Streaming and Data Assurance”
  • Ross Philo will attend the MEOS 2019 Show and Conference in Bahrain March 18-21 to meet delegates from regional companies.
  • Philip Neri will present a paper at the IADC Deepwater Drilling Conference 2019 in Rio de Janeiro March 19-20, title “Reduced Rig Manpower Requires Enhanced Remote Monitoring & Collaborative Crisis Management”
  • Jay Hollingsworth will lead a workshop on “Real Time Data Processing as a Tool for Competitive Advantage” at the Applied Data Analytics Upstream 2019 conference in Houston March 19-21, as well as take part in a panel on “Developing Governance Programs & Standardizing Data”