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Intellectual Property Rights Disclosures

Energistics intellectual property rights (IPR) policies allow member organizations to disclose in writing any patent or patent application that may relate to contribution to or participation in Energistics work activities.

The policy requires each disclosure to identify (1) the patent jurisdiction and patent numbers, (2) the specific Energistics work activity covered, and (3) whether the participating organization intends to grant licenses under the patents and, if so, on what terms (which shall be nondiscriminatory).

IPR Policy

Important Notice

Energistics takes no position regarding the validity or scope of any rights that may be claimed or may pertain to the implementation or use of the specifications and other material found in Energistics documents. Energistics takes no position regarding the extent to which any license under such rights might or might not be available, nor does Energistics represent making any independent effort to identify any such rights. Energistics does certify the accuracy or completeness of the following disclosures, which reflect information provided to Energistics.


List of Disclosures

Disclosures from member companies and active participants are listed here for reference. Halliburton provided an Intellectual Property Rights Disclosure statement saying that it "has some patent rights that have some relationship to the general areas to be studied in the PRODML (Work Group) pilots and that we intend to reserve these rights." (Transmittal letter dated May 12, 2006).

Halliburton Disclosure Statement