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Join Energistics Consortium

Beginning January 1, 2022, Membership in the Energistics Consortium is an optional benefit of Membership in The Open Group OSDU Forum. To claim your Energistics Consortium membership, your company representative must sign the Energistics Membership Terms Rider (there is no additional cost).

The Business Case for Membership

Energistics and its Members play an important leadership role in developing technical data exchange standards for the digital oilfield.  Like many not-for-profit organizations, Energistics relies on Member volunteers to achieve its mission, in support of the industry.

The following points highlight the business case for membership and participation:

  • Energistics provides the anti-trust framework within which open data exchange standards can be collaboratively developed.
  • Energistics Members influence the developmental direction of open data exchange standards, ensuring that the particularities of their business are properly addressed.
  • Membership of the Energistics Consortium demonstrates leadership and strong support for the adoption of open data exchange standards.

To see how standards impact industry stakeholders, click on a link below.

Standards Work Group Participation

Participation in Energistics Work Groups is a key benefit of membership in the consortium.