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Houston, August 24, 2018: Energistics Consortium Inc. announced today the availability of the PRODML v2.1 Release Candidate for public review.

PRODML v2.1 represents an incremental change from v2.0, making changes only where implementation experience found deficiencies in v2.0. The only significant addition is the implementation of the Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) capability.
The release candidate includes an overview and release notes, schemas, documentation and a feedback form. The goal is for industry stakeholders to review all the materials and also test those aspects of the standard that are relevant to their organization.
Comments and issues should be submitted starting now until February 28, 2019.
The feedback form included with the download can be used, or comments can be sent in an email to
Please note that not all documentation has been updated (or created in some cases) but the v2.0 documentation is included plus extensive release notes detailing what is new or changed in v2.1 to assist with review and testing.
Many thanks to our PRODML community for their hard work and dedication.