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Join Jay Hollingsworth, CTO, Energistics, as he discusses the upcoming release of WITSML. WITSML is the data exchange standard for specifying and exchanging well and well-related operations data, including: drilling and operations reports, real-time data and job reports such as stimulation and cementing. The goal of WITSML is for the right-time, seamless flow of well data between operators and service companies to speed and enhance decision making. It is also used for regulatory reporting.

One of the major enhancements in WITSML v2.0 is that it enables true real-time data transfer utilizing the new Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP). ETP is one aspect of Energistics Common Technical Architecture, the foundation for the second generation of the Energistics family of standards (WITSML, PRODML, and RESQML). This common technical architecture means that elements from any of Energistics' standards may be combined to support end-to-end workflows that cross operational domains. This webinar will highlight what has changed from v1.4.1.1 and what's new in v2.0.   View System Requirements