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Current series of information presentation videos

Download the Energistics University Program PDF here.

# Title Description
00 Introduction and program overview Program overview, intended audience, overview of main segments
01 The standards: one for all, all for one Standards built on a common architecture, driven by expert groups (SIGs)
02 The Lifecycle of a Standard The collaborative process to define, develop and finalize a new version of an Energistics standard
XML, JSON and Other Formats
The choice of the right format for data exchange, now and in the future
05 Overview of the Energistics data standards What data domain is covered by each of the three data standards
06 The WITSML™ standard for real-time drilling Remote monitoring of drilling operations to reduce staff on location
07 The WITSML™ for Collaborative Workflows Standardizing the Exchange of Drilling Data for Interpretation and Analytical Workflows
09 The RESQML™ standard for subsurface & reservoir Supporting multi-vendor, multi-platform projects and workflows for geoscience and engineering
The RESQML™ Standard for Evergreen Archiving
Managing multiple versions of reservoirs over the life-of-field cycle
12 The PRODML™ standard for production Facilitating the aggregation and sharing of production results and tests
The PRODML™ Standard for Distributed Acoustic Sensing
Managing petabyte-sized DAS fiber optic sensing measurements
15 Data transfer overview The challenges of moving data in the upstream industry’s diverse IT ecosystems
16 ETP for real-time data streaming Streaming data from an instrument (e.g. LWD) to a viewer / recorder application
17 ETP for Application Interoperability File-free data movements and automated sharing of new data
18 EPC to package very large data Conventions to create, store, move and read large and complex datasets
20 Common Technical Architecture An overview of standards applicable to all Energistics data schemas
21 The Energy Industry Profile (EIP) Codifying the “data about the data” for upstream energy
Data Quality Assurance
Build trust in data by capturing data assurance processes and attaching their outcome to the data
Units of Measure
A single place to define all Units of Measure for upstream energy
Practical Well Log Standard (PWLS)
Making sense of thousands of common labels for data types related to borehole measurements
25 Develop software using standards Tools, resources and examples to build applications using Energistics standards
26 Energistics standards in OSDU platform Data schemas, data loaders and APIs
28 Deploying standards in your organization Charting a course to adopt data exchange standards and reap the benefits